Infant Institute

Become an Itsy-Bitsy Sleep Genie.

Well, that’s what your future families will call you anyway!


Our Online Educational Programs:  

In clinical terms, the Infant Institute allows you to become a fully educated Newborn Care Specialist or Certified Sleep Trainer with a series of at-home videos and tests. Our program can even help you learn how to run your very own Overnight and Postnatal Nanny Agency.

You see, we believe that nanny agencies should be run with qualified, medically educated, CPR certified, spectacular individuals (aka you!) with a loving maternal instinct who can come into a family’s home and make themselves feel like part of the family naturally.

Become a Newborn Care Specialist or Sleep Trainer.

The goal is to come away with an extensive and up-to-date set of tools and information in order to be the best sleep and/or newborn care specialist you can be. And, for the business-minded of you, perhaps create a whole flock of amazing specialists so that you too can form your very own top-quality nanny agency.

Let’s Begin.

Our program takes you through the various scenarios that you might come across when working with a new family or as a support for a family in any stage. The Infant Institute offers two routes: Newborn Care Specialist and Infant Sleep Trainer. We recommend taking both courses, then proceeding with the Add-On courses as they apply to you.


Graduates Say:

“The Infant Institute was the one way that I actually got real advice for how to use evidence-based techniques and also guide my babies on sleep training using nutritional guidelines. The holistic approach helped my families get nearly immediate changes in sleep.” - Kara C., NCS, CST, Washington D.C.

“When I was starting my nanny agency in California, I wanted to stand out as there was a lot of competition in my area. In order to really prove to families our dedication to continuing education, we had our entire staff go through Infant Institute. As a result, we have less complaints from families, less turnover, and a higher quality of care - which has also resulted in a steady stream of families. Huge thanks.” - Ellen R., CST, San Diego

“You think you know it all and then you go through a program like this and learn what you really didn’t know before. The swaddling, breastfeeding, nutrition education, routine implementation and development knowledge has been crucial in ‘upping’ my practice. I would highly recommend this program as the videos were fun and entertaining as well as educational to watch and the quizzes afterward helped the information really set in. Thank you.” - Lily C., NCS, Boulder


Take your education and agency further with educational courses from Infant Institute.

Our courses are designed by newborn care professionals for newborn care professionals. We are centered in using nutrition-based approaches to sleep training based from empirical and clinical evidence as well as the latest natal and postnatal research. We use a bit of humor in our videos too so that you’re looking forward to the next one. For both programs, you will also receive an extensive manual to read and review throughout your studies and in your work after graduation.