Certified Sleep Trainer Program

What do you dream when you sleep little one?

Become a Certified Sleep Trainer and help families learn how to soothe their littles while bringing the entire family more together as a unit.

Can you imagine being forcefully pulled out of your cozy home you rented for nine (or ten!) whole months? You were juuuuust tying the “womb” together too! Bada-cha! Well imaginably, it’s quite a shock to the system, and especially for a teeny-tiny little one’s system.

Parents do their best always (great job!!), but honestly, it is so helpful for new parents to work with a Certified Sleep Trainer whether for educational family sessions or for overnight sleep training in-house. Why? Because just like anything, when you are educated in a certain field, you have immersed yourself in knowledge (the foundations of it and the latest research), and you just know more. Not knowing what you don’t know is common for parents who do their best to read and research, but also have their hands full literally all the time.

This is where you come in.


As a fully Certified Sleep Trainer, you can help the family overall with reducing their cortisol (aka stress) levels and help the entire family get in a routine that works for optimal sleep. We can all agree that sleep helps make a better world because it makes each of us a better person. We are are best selves when we are fully rested. Same goes for babies, naturally.

So, while you’re out there changing the world, by becoming a Certified Sleep Trainer, you can also up your career by adding a valuable skill to either your individual practice, or by extending a source of revenue in your nanny agency.

When your team is on the same page, you all thrive.

Whether you think of the word team to describe the family unit and getting everyone on the same page, or your team in this case is your team of nannies getting on the same educational page together, you can’t go wrong in any sense by getting officially certified through the Infant Institute.

Our program is packed full of up-to-date, healthy, gentle, tear-free approach, evidence-based information and videos to help you be the very best Certified Sleep Trainer in your field.

The Infant Institute is a response to making sure babies are cared for with the utmost in holistic and naturally maternal care. We use nutrition, weight, routine, lifestyle and innovative techniques to help newborns and babies learn how to self soothe, adjust to growth spurts, and ultimately get long stretches of sleep at night so they are happy, rested babies when awake.

Certified Sleep Trainer Course Overview:

In this course, we offer an in-depth corresponding manual as well as videos and quizzes for each section. Upon fully completing the quizzes and final exam, you can add some of our Add-On classes, or stop there as you will be a fully Certified Sleep Trainer by the end.

We cover several areas including:

  • Sleep Development
  • Nutrition and the Digestive System
  • Baby Body Development
  • Baby Created Sleep
  • Case Studies
  • Final Quiz

At each section’s completion, there is a section quiz to pass, and certification is dependent upon passing each section quiz, as well as the Final Quiz at the end.

Want to Learn More About Baby Created Sleep©? Learn the philosophy behind our Certified Sleep Trainer Program:

Sleep Trainer Certification Graduates Say:

“When I first discovered the Infant Institute, I thought that I would easily know much of the information from my previous experience as a professional nanny. I was literally shocked to discover how much practical and holistic information there was presented to me that honestly changed the way I do a lot of things with my families. I would highly recommend the program.” - Aidan M., Philadelphia


“Our agency has implemented Infant Institute certification as a requirement for each of our nannies. Our business has doubled because of word of mouth from families about the quality of care. Also, our nannies can get certification at home or at a coffee shop, wherever there is wiFi. It makes it easy for them to not affect their schedule and eliminates travel time to an actual class (and having to find childcare…). We appreciate the add-on courses too for when we are working with twins, babies with sensory issues, and all the different kinds of family situations we work with. Thank you.” - Gretchen B., Chicago


“I am very glad I got this certification. I have been able to expand my daytime nanny agency into a 24-hour one. It has created so many opportunities for me.” - Hannah G., Augusta

Is Certification Right for You or Your Agency?