Newborn Care Specialist

Bathing and Cutting Nails


It is extremely important that you don’t fully submerge the baby in water until after the umbilical cord has fallen off! Until it does fall off, give the baby sponge baths. This is because it can become easily infected if it doesn’t dry out properly. Also note that the umbilical cord can leak occasionally before and after it has fallen off, but this is normal and is not something to worry about. If, however, the umbilical cord becomes extremely odorous at any point, it is a sign that something is wrong and a pediatrician should be contacted.

Cutting nails:

Cutting a baby’s nails is a relatively simple matter. A few key things to note: for the first month of a baby’s life, their nail tissue is extremely soft, and is actually connected to the skin. Therefore, in the first month, if the child needs their nails trimmed, use a soft nail file to file the nails down as opposed to cutting them with clippers, as this could cause damage and/or cause pain to the baby. After the first month the baby’s nails harden and can then be trimmed just as you would trim your own nails.

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