The Learning Process at Infant Institute

Our Process

Step 01

Search for your course

Are you a soon-to-be growing family? Try our Baby Bootcamp courses. For professionals, we offer Sleep Training, Newborn Care, Multiples, Preemie and Specialty Courses.

Step 02

Purchase your education.

You can study and work on your lessons in your pj's or in between meetings at your full-time job. We have made our courses easy to do when it works for your schedule.

Step 03

Get support

Our trainings have videos, a complete and comprehensive manual to refer back to, and short, easy to understand videos to help you lock in the teachings (and share them with your partner).

Step 04


After your training, you'll be able to expand your current nanny agency with new offerings like sleep support. You'll also be able to uniformly train your staff and keep them updated on the latest in newborn childcare. For new parents, you'll be ready to face whatever comes your way, and you can always retake your course for free as a refresher or for new siblings later down the road.


The Learning Process at Infant Institute